Hypnosis (Saimin)

Basic Info

Director : Masayuki Ochiai
Net Duration : 110 mins
HK Movie Rating : IIB (Not Suitable for young people and youth)


Cast 1
Goro Inagaki
Cast 2
Miho Kanno
Cast 3
Ken Utsui


Many cryptic deaths occur in Tokyo. Ostensibly they killed themselves but the circumstances are peculiar: A felmale athlete kept running until her legs fractured. A groom strangled himself at his wedding. Strangely, their last words were "Green Monkey". Detective Sakurai starts investigation with a young psychoanalst named Saga, who suggests the victims were possibly under hypnotism. Cryptic deaths continue but no clue is found. Sakurai and Saga then find a girl named Yuka, who claims that she was assaulted by "Green Monkey". When she is picked up for questioning by the police, suddenly everyone faints and Yuka is gone. What happens to Yuka? What does "Green Monkey" mean? Saga is unaware that he too is hypnotized......

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