Broadcasting Information

Date : Every Wednesday between 16 April ~ 25 June 1997
Channel : FujiTV


Gift castfrom left to right

Cast 1
Cast 2
Naomi Koshigoe
Shigeru Muroi
Cast 3
Yukio Hayasaka/Takehiro Mizoguchi
Takuya Kimura
Cast 4 Cast 5


Naomi planned to run away with his boyfriend(Gishiwada) and 50 billion yen. When she arrived his boyfriend's apartment, a man was found unconscious. She then took him to hositpal but this man lost his memory. In order to know what had happened, Naomi employed him and called him "Yukio".

Yukio worked as a delivery boy, here is a list Yukio have delivered in these 11 chapters.

From Gift To
1. A politican A letter His teenage daughter
2. A bank statue A rich old woman
3. i)A group of bad guys
ii) The guy with cancer
memo and some pix
A letter
A guy with cancer
His family
4. Someone received money from a politican dead body(organ) The politican
answers of unversity entrance exam A rich girl
A tape A guy
7. A guy working in an insurance company Rose A call girl, named "Aoi"
Money A girl who pretended to die to get insurance money for her company
9. An actress i) Strawberries
ii) her daugher
10. A guy worked for Gishiwada A disk A guy called "Yamanouchi"
(actually Gishiwada himself)
A ring Yukio friend(Nagai)'s girlfriend, Miki

The real name of Yukio is "Mizoguchi Takehiro". What had Takehiro done before?
A group of bad guys wanted to kill a police, Nagai(Takehiro's friend), since he didn't cooperate with them. Although Takehiro knew it, he didn't tell Nagai. When he remembered that Nagai was his best friend, he went to save Nagai but it's too late. Someone picked up a ring, which Nagai was going to used to marry Miki. When Takehiro got back the ring, he hurt one of the bad guys. After he put the ring in his locker, the bad guys arrived and beated him. He is seriouly injured and put in the river. Gishiwada saved him and put Takehiro in his apartment because Takehiro is his son actually. The reason why he put Takehiro in his apartment instead of hospital is that he knew that the bad guys will find him easily and Naomi will look after him. Finally Takehiro climbed into the closest himself.


Main Theme : Tokyo Joe -- Brian Ferry


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