Beautiful Life

Broadcasting Information

Date : Every Sunday between 16 January - 26 March 2000
Time : 21:00
Channel : TBS
Audience Rate : Average : 32.3%
Last Chapter : 41.3%



B'z - "Konya tsuki no mieru oka ni" RealAudio Listen Download


VCD (legal) : Version 1 (HK$350 or above):
A box set with a poster and some Beautiful Life photos
The cover may be in vertical or in horizontal.
Beautiful Life legal VCD
Version 2 (The version I bought):
Separated into 6 volumes in A4 size,
each contains 2 VCD, story and a gift.
Volume 1 (HK$78) gift : A friction (only 6 pages)
Volume 2 (HK$78) gift : Pad for cup
Volume 3 (HK$78) gift : Calendar from May to Decemeber 2000
Volume 4 (HK$78) gift : Sticker
Volume 5 (HK$78) gift : Letter set
Volume 6 (HK$45) gift : Pad? (Like writting pad or mouse pad)
Beautiful Life legal VCD
Version 3 (HK$438 or above) : the box set form of version 2
CM : Beautiful Life CM
Soundtrack : Beautiful Life Soundtrack
Single : Beautiful Life Theme Song Single

Photo Gallery & Story (Chinese Big 5)

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